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MB Woodcraft likes a challenge. We wanted to incorporate the most recognizable symbol of Britain with an everyday item and came up with an idea that we think you will love!

TELEPHRIDGE is a fridge-freezer housing in the form of the K2 red telephone box, which has been an iconic symbol on Britain’s streets since it was first deployed in 1926.

We united a fully functioning kitchen appliance with the timeless shape and aesthetics of this intricate and distinctive design.

Our innovative approach opens a new opportunity for an integrated fridge in your bespoke kitchen. You can now own a piece of British heritage and enjoy the unique look of the K2 telephone box.

TELEPHRIDGE is a unique idea, a modern kitchen cabinet that can bring the ultimate wow-factor to any kitchen, bar, restaurant, games room, wedding venue or hotel.

The TELEPHRIDGE data sheet contains specification details. Click the link to view/download PDF document.

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TELEPHRIDGE is an IPO registered design (view on using design number 6091020)

TELEPHRIDGE is an EUIPO registered design (view on using design number 008048904-0001)